Runtz Weed

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THC: 24%


Runtz Weed is prized for its potential to relieve stress, anxiety, and nausea, making it a must-have strain in the medical cannabis repertoire.

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Buy Runtz Weed: An Exceptional Cannabis Experience with the Runtz Strain

Meet Runtz Weed, a balanced hybrid strain that captures the attention of cannabis lovers with its unique blend of indica and sativa effects. From the cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, lhe Runtz strain stands out for its captivating aromatic profile and remarkable potency, making it a prime representative of Cali Runtz quality.

Key Information

  • Type : Hybrid (50% indica / 50% sativa)
  • Origin: Cross between Zkittlez and Gelato
  • Creators: Culture Passion and Cookies Fam, celebrating the legacy of Runtz OG strain


  • THC: Around 24%, providing notable potency to the Runtz strain
  • CBD: Low content, accentuating the psychoactive effects of Runtz Weed

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Effects, Aroma and Flavor of Runtz Weed


  • Sensation: Relaxation, euphoria, creativity – key characteristics of Runtz OG strain
  • Side effects : Dry mouth, dry eyes

Aroma and Flavor

A unique blend of lemon, skunk and lime, creating a complex and inviting flavor profile with every inhale of Runtz OG. The flavors of the Runtz strain follow its aroma, providing a rich and distinct taste experience to the Cali Runtz community.

Medical Effects

Runtz OG is prized for its potential to relieve stress, anxiety and nausea, making it a must-have strain in the medical cannabis repertoire.

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Buyducannabis is recognized for its meticulous selection of premium quality cannabis, including Runtz Weed, thus ensuring consumers a unique experience thanks to a strain that is both powerful and rich in aromas. The availability and quality of the Runtz strain on Buyducannabis meets the high expectations of Cali Runtz connoisseurs.

Runtz Weed is aimed at cannabis enthusiasts looking for an experience rich in flavors and effects. Its unique genetic origin, complex terpene profile, and status within the family Runtz OG strain make it a variety to absolutely discover. Visit Buyducannabis to dive into an unparalleled cannabis experience with Runtz strain and other quality strains in Europe.

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112g, 224g, 28g, 56g

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