Pink Rozay cookies

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Medical Effects:

  • Euphoria and deep relaxation, typical of the Pink Rozay strain Cookies.
  • Cookies Pink Rozay is also known for its beneficial effects on mental and physical well-being.
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Pink Rozay Cookies

Discover Pink Rozay Cookies, an iconic strain offered by Cookies, a renowned brand in the world of cannabis. Since its inception in 2008, Cookies has revolutionized the market with innovative, high-quality cannabis products, setting high standards for the premium market. The Pink Rozay Cookies strain perfectly embodies this excellence, offering a unique experience without the drawbacks of a hangover.

Strain Information

  • Genetic: Pink Rozay strain Cookies is a cross between London Pound Cake (LPC75) and Lemonchello 10, creating an indica-dominant hybrid (80/20) that is not only potent but also incredibly aromatic.
  • Production: Cultivated for its potency, its taste, and its desired effects, Pink Rozay Cookies is a perfect example of Cookies' expertise in quality cannabis.
  • Production team: Bred with care by the team of Cookies California Pink Rozay, this strain offers supreme quality and sought-after effects.


Strain Cookies Pink Rozay stands out with a THC content of around 21%, providing a powerful euphoric experience. The CBD concentration is lower, emphasizing the psychoactive and relaxing effects of Pink Rozay Cookies.

Where to buy Pink Rozay Cookies online?

For those looking to purchase Pink Rozay Cookies, availability varies by region. We recommend visiting online dispensaries like Buycannabis, which offers a variety of Cookies strains, including Cookies California Pink Rozay, available for purchase in-store or by ordering online for local pickup.

Strain Effects, Aroma and Flavor


Pink Rozay strain Cookies users can expect a floating euphoria and mood boost, comparable to the effect of a glass of champagne, without the morning after unpleasantness.


This strain gives off a fruity/floral scent with creamy and tangy final notes, reminiscent of blue cheese or champagne, characteristic of Cookies Pink Rozay.


The flavor of Pink Rozay Cookies follows its aroma, providing a rich and complex taste experience that will delight connoisseurs of Cookies California Pink Rozay.

Medical Effects

Medical Effects

  • Euphoria and deep relaxation, typical of the Pink Rozay strain Cookies.
  • Cookies Pink Rozay is also known for its beneficial effects on mental and physical well-being.

May Relieve

  • Stress, anxiety and insomnia, ailments often relieved by the use of Pink Rozay Cookies.

Why buy Pink Rozay Cookies from Buyducannabis?

Buyducannabis is your go-to destination for premium cannabis products, including exclusive Cookies strains like Pink Rozay Cookies. We provide a secure and convenient shopping experience, allowing consumers to easily access their favorite strains, including Cookies California Pink Rozay.

Government Laws for the Sale of this Strain in Europe

The sale of cannabis, including Pink Rozay Cookies, is subject to strict regulations in Europe. Buyducannabis complies with all applicable laws, ensuring legal and responsible distribution of its products, including the highly sought-after Cookies Pink Rozay strain.

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112g, 224g, 28g, 56g

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