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THC: 70%

Medical Effects

Nepalese hash is sought after for its beneficial effects, notably its ability to induce relaxation and well-being, making it a preferred choice for medical users.

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Discover Nepalese hash, a rare variant of hashish from the mountainous regions of Nepal. Known for its easy-to-handle consistency and unique spicy flavors, Nepalese hash is the result of centuries-old tradition and know-how. In this write-up, we dive into the details of this exceptional product.

Information on Nepalese Hash

  • Origin : High mountain regions of Nepal.
  • Consistency : Easy to work with thanks to the preservation of resinous THC trichomes.
  • Manufacturing : Manual harvesting of the trichomes from the plant before processing.
  • Quality : Considered one of the best thanks to its specialized manufacturing techniques.


Nepalese hash is distinguished by a high concentration of THC, due to the purity of the resin collected. Although the exact percentages of THC and CBD may vary, the emphasis is on the potent THC presence, providing a rich and deep experience.

Effects, Aroma and Flavor


Nepalese hash is loved for its relaxing effects and immersive experience, making this strain ideal for both beginners and experienced users.


The aroma of Nepalese hash is characterized by spicy notes, with a surprising sweetness reminiscent of pine, reflecting the diversity of the regions and plants used.


The spicy flavor, complemented by a piney sweetness, defines the unique taste profile of Nepalese hash, providing a rich sensory experience.

Medical Effects of Nepalese Hash

Medical Effects

Nepalese hash is sought after for its beneficial effects, including its ability to induce relaxation and well-being, making it a preferred choice for medical users.

May Relieve

Thanks to its potent concentration of THC, Nepalese hash can help relieve various ailments, including stress, anxiety, and pain.

How to Smoke Hash

Hash can be consumed in multiple ways: crumbled in a bong or pipe, mixed with joints, or vaporized for a purer experience.

Where to Buy Nepalese Temple Hash Online?

Top quality Nepalese hash is available on, where authenticity and quality are guaranteed.

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Government Laws on the Sale of Hash in Europe

The sale of hash, including Nepalese hash, is regulated in Europe. It is essential to find out about the laws in force in your country for responsible consumption and purchasing.

Le Nepalese hash represents the pinnacle of tradition and quality in hashish. Thanks to its relaxing effects, unique aroma and medical benefits, it offers an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a novice or experienced consumer, black nepalese hash promises an exploration rich in flavors and sensations. Discover it on for guaranteed quality and assured satisfaction.

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28g, 56g, 112g, 224g

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  5. This hash is a revelation, absolutely perfect.

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