Jungleboys Dosidos

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Medical effects:

Chosen to relieve symptoms related to anxiety, stress and pain.

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Jungleboys Dosidos Strain Information

Dosidos, also known as “Dosi Doe”, “Do-Si-Dos”, and “Dosi”, is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, descended from OGKB, a phenotype of GSC. This strain is visually appealing with its shimmering trichomes, shiny pistils, and lime and lavender green leaves. Dosidos is carefully grown by Jungleboys, ensuring exceptional quality and potency.

  • Genetic: Descendant of OGKB, a GSC phenotype.
  • Culture: Produced by Jungleboys, featuring advanced growing techniques for supreme quality.
  • THC and CBD: High level of THC, with a low percentage of CBD, providing medical grade body effects.

Where to buy Jungleboys Dosidos Strain online?

The Jungleboys Dosidos strain is available for purchase at Buycannabis, allowing consumers to easily obtain this premium cannabis strain online.

Effects, Aroma and Flavor of Jungleboys Dosidos Weed


  • Effects including drowsiness, relaxation, and appetite stimulation, ideal for evening use.


  • Powerful aroma, sweet and earthy with a slight floral funk, blending classic OG flavors.


  • Flavors of flowers, spicy and peppery, offering a complex and pleasant taste experience.

Medical Effects of Jungleboys Dosidos Strain

  • Medical effects:
    • Chosen to relieve symptoms related to anxiety, stress and pain.
  • May relieve:
    • Anxiety, stress, pain, thanks to its sedative and relaxing properties.

Why buy Jungleboys Dosidos Weed from Buyducannabis?

Opting for Buyducannabis to purchase Jungleboys Dosidos Strain ensures access to a high-quality strain, cultivated by passionate experts, for an unrivaled consumption experience.

Government law for the sale of Dosidos Strain in Europe

The sale of Jungleboys Dosidos Strain, like all cannabis, is regulated in Europe. Buyducannabis undertakes to comply with all regulations in force for a safe and legal transaction.

Jungleboys Dosidos Strain stands out for its quality genetic heritage, rich terpene profile and deeply relaxing effects. With its unique blend of aromas and flavors, as well as its beneficial medical effects, this strain is ideal for consumers seeking intense relaxation and relief from anxiety and pain disorders. Available on Buyducannabis, Jungleboys Dosidos Strain promises satisfaction and relaxation for cannabis lovers looking for a premium experience.

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