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Cookie London Pound Cake

Explore Cookie London Pound Cake, a fascinating indica-dominant cannabis strain, a cross between Sunset Sherbert and an anonymous robust indica. This exclusive Cookies creation marks the industry with its exceptional genetic heritage and deeply soothing effects. With Cookie London Pound Cake, experienced cannabis enthusiasts will find an experience unmatched in quality and satisfaction.

Strain Information

  • Genetic: London Pound Cake Cookies is the result of a cross between Sunset Sherbert and a powerful indica, selected for its robustness and rich aromatic profile.
  • Producer: Carefully cultivated by Cookies, London Pound Cake 75 Cookies represents the pinnacle of the brand's expertise in genetic selection and cultivation of premium cannabis.
  • THC and CBD: Cookie London Pound Cake boasts a THC level of 20%, making it a preferred option for consumers looking for intense effects. The CBD stays in the background, allowing the dominant psychoactive effects to shine.

Where to buy Cookie London Pound Cake online?

To acquire Cookie London Pound Cake, turn to reputable online stores and legal dispensaries specializing in the sale of quality cannabis products. Cookies London Pound Cake 75 is a popular strain, available from selected distributors who guarantee the authenticity and purity of the product.

Strain Effects, Aroma and Flavor


  • London Pound Cake 75 Cookies offers deep relaxation, leading to a welcome drowsiness, ideal for rest.
  • Users feel muscular and mental relaxation, characteristic of Cookie London Pound Cake.
  • An enveloping tingling sensation, testifying to the effectiveness of the strain in relieving tension.


The flavor profile of Cookie London Pound Cake is a symphony of sweetness and spice, with undertones of diesel and nuttiness, characteristic of this unique strain.


London Pound Cake Cookies seduces with its flavors of vanilla, butter and lemon, complemented by spicy and earthy touches, reflecting the complexity of its aromatic bouquet.

Medical Effects

Medical Effects

  • Cookies London Pound Cake 75 is known for its potential to relieve anxiety.
  • This strain effectively helps against symptoms of depression.
  • It is also appreciated for its ability to reduce stress.

May Relieve

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress, thanks to the unique properties of London Pound Cake 75 Cookies.

Why buy London Pound Cake 75 Cookies from Buyducannabis?

Choose your favorite Buycannabis for your purchase of Cookie London Pound Cake guarantees you superior quality, with particular attention paid to product safety and conformity. We are proud to supply Cookies London Pound Cake 75, a strain renowned for its excellence and effectiveness.

Government Laws for the Sale of this Strain in Europe

The European legal framework governing the sale of Cookie London Pound Cake requires strict compliance with production and distribution standards. Buyducannabis strictly complies with these regulations, ensuring the legal availability of London Pound Cake 75 Cookies for our customers.

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112g, 224g, 28g, 56g

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