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Medical effects:

The ten co blue zushi can help reduce anxiety and stress.

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Blue Zushi Tenco Strain Information

The Blue Zushi Tenco strain, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, is carefully cultivated by The Ten Co. This blue zushi strain, resulting from the cross between Zkittlez and Kush Mints #11, is renowned for its unforgettable flavor and exceptional effects , which earned him multiple awards at prestigious events.

  • Genetic: Blue zushi weed is a cross between Zkittlez and Kush Mints #11.
  • Culture: Blue zushi cali is produced by The Ten Co, ensuring superior quality and exceptional consistency.
  • Terpene profile: Although not specified, tenco blue zushi is known for its sweet and strong aromas.


  • THC: Blue zushi strain features a high level of THC for a powerful experience.
  • CBD: Weak, accentuating the psychoactive properties of blue zushi weed.

Where to buy Blue Zushi Tenco online?

The blue zushi tenco is available on Buycannabis, offering a secure platform to acquire this renowned strain.

Effects, Aroma and Flavor of Blue Zushi Tenco


  • Blue zushi cali provides deep relaxation accompanied by joyful euphoria, perfect for stress relief.


  • Blue zushi the ten offers a dominance of sweet terpenes, with touches of orange and gas.


  • Tenco blue zushi stands out for its candy flavors, with a rich and indulgent taste experience.

Medical Effects of the ten co blue zushi

  • Medical effects:
    • The ten co blue zushi can help reduce anxiety and stress.
  • May relieve:
    • Blue zushi strain is effective against pain and mood disorders, providing relaxation and euphoria.

Why buy Blue Zushi Tenco from Buyducannabis?

Choosing Buyducannabis for blue zushi tenco guarantees a premium quality strain, recognized for its exceptional consumption experience.

Government law for the sale of Blue Zushi Tenco in Europe

The sale of blue zushi weed, including blue zushi tenco, is regulated in Europe. Buyducannabis undertakes to respect all regulations for legal and responsible sales.

Blue Zushi Strain by The Ten Co is a celebration of unique flavors and balanced effects, making this strain essential for cannabis lovers. With its perfect combination of novelty and familiarity, blue zushi the ten is available exclusively on Buyducannabis, promising a memorable experience that satisfies all the senses.

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