Bentley Hash

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THC: 24%

Medical Effects

  • Anxiety relief.
  • Energy boost for individuals needing a boost.
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Bentley Hash is a purified resin extracted and pressed from cannabis plants sourced from across British Columbia. This hash is made locally and pressed without the use of solvents, providing an authentic and pure experience.

Hash Information

  • Origin: British Columbia, Canada.
  • Production method: Extraction with cold water and ice, without solvents.
  • Purity: Rigorous filtration to remove unwanted materials, resulting in a nearly pure hash.


  • THC: High concentrations typical of concentrated cannabis resins.
  • CBD: Low or unspecified concentrations, focus on the psychoactive effects of THC.

Effects, Aroma and Flavor


  • Gradual and sustainable rise.
  • Energy buzz, ideal for daytime use.
  • Effective fight against anxiety.


  • Dominantly pine, with a relatively mild scent.


  • Pine flavor, gentle on the senses.

Medical Effects

Medical Effects

  • Anxiety relief.
  • Energy boost for individuals needing a boost.

May Relieve

  • Anxiety.
  • Lack of energy or fatigue.

How to Smoke Hash

Bentley Hash can be consumed in a variety of ways: traditionally orally, smoked alone or with cannabis flowers, or vaporized/dabbed on a hot surface for those who prefer residue-free consumption.

Where can I buy Bentley Hash online?

Bentley Hash is available for purchase on, offering premium quality and a secure purchasing experience.

Why buy Bentley Hash on guarantees a high quality, pure, solvent-free product with exceptional customer service and discreet delivery.

Government Law for the Sale of Hash in Europe

The purchase and consumption of cannabis, including Bentley Hash, is regulated in Europe. Buying from reputable sites like ensures compliance with local laws and quality standards.

Further information


28g, 56g, 112g, 224g

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  1. This hash exceeded all my expectations, fantastic!

  2. Great for stressful days.

  3. Products arrive on time, very reliable site

  4. Authentic and powerful taste, a real pleasure.

  5. Ideal for escaping daily stress.

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